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Hi,I have the sensixx b25l steam generator which is fantastic. Brown water has just come spurting out of the sole plate so need to use the calc n cle

Here is a series of "Wood Doctor Approved" calculators to make your lumber and timber related estimating a little easier. WOODWEB worked closely ...

Product Details. The DP-Calc™ Micromanometer 8715 is one of the most advanced, versatile, and easy to use micromanometers on the market today.

Instructions: Hardwood Lumber Board Footage Calculator Thickness: Enter the nominal thickness of the lumber. Nominal thickness of hardwood lumber is traditionally the ...

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Instructions: Log Volume Calculator Diameter: All the major log rules use the small end diameter, inside the bark, as the basic size measurement.

Need to know stack and reach from an X-Y bar-bore measurement? Use our calculator to help.

Architects engineers and contractors resource for expert help for concrete footings projects. Online source for architectural drawings, technical specifications, the ...